Wednesday, April 21, 2010

E Is For The Europeon Airport Shutdown.

2 weeks ago a volcano in Iceland started to erupt. It was covered by a glacier and was very safe. After the volcano erupted the ash caught wind and got carried to to Europe. This shut down the planes by the ash getting in the engine and the engine stopping because of this. Then almost simultaneously all scientists told all the airports in Europe to cancel all flights. It was the biggest mass cancellation the world had ever seen since 911. This is where my story begins.

"7,000,000 people are stranded and stuck in different parts of Europe. The airports are crowded and everyone is on the high alert because they don't know when they are going to be freed." Can you imagine being stuck in an airport for a week only eating and sleeping there. Well this is what happened to many of the seven million people who were stuck in Europe. Two of the biggest airports in the world were shut down for a week. I'm surprised that there weren't riots because of all the confusion. For one whole week about seven million people were in total unknowing of what was going to happen. That's crazy considering that one volcano did all of this. Overall, there were a lot of surprises and misfortunes that occurred when these airports were shut down.

As I said: this is a unbelievable considering that one little volcano started this madness. The first time I heard about it was on CBC on the first day that it started. My first reaction was that the airports would be back to normal right away but boy was I wrong. The news were all over it and even inside the airport where the stranded people were. If I was in this situation I would stay calm and just say to myself "it will be fine". This would be hard for me because of the stress and even the worry. Some people missed weddings and funerals because of this ash cloud and the volcano. What if you missed your daughters wedding and couldn't celebrate with her. This is a crushing blow and a hard one to take for all parents. Just imagine being in this situation.

After the fact the airport got back to normal and 7 million people were freed and returned to their homes. This is what the media said but what really happened was about 6 million people were freed and the get this the other 6 million people were booked on flights that were a week later. So first the airport is shut down, then everyone is stranded, then most people are freed but then the back log of passengers are stranded for another week. Wow, what a huge mess for the world and the people stranded. I think this was a horrible event and if I were in it I would be very frustrated and extremely mad.

You have heard exactly what I have said and now I would like you to leave what you would of felt in your comment. I really thought this was a horrific event and one that nobody wouyld ever like to live again.

Life lesson: Never ever be in a situation like this and always stay calm even if it's hard to be.

I commented on Alexander Craig's blog post this week.

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